All the Facts Concerning Our Production Processes & Care For the Jewellery

All of our jewelry is either 925 or 950 Silver which means what you are holding in your hand is 95% (or 92.5%) pure silver and 5% (or 7.5%) pure copper, nothing else, not other metal alloys. 99% pure silver is so soft, could be scratched a lot that is why the mix. 

If you purchase an enameled model, you can rest assured that enamel is lead-free enamel. Lead-free enamels are glass powders prepared without using lead. We first make a paste with the powders and distilled water. Then apply the paste to the metal and put it in the kiln. After several times of applications and at last sanding to its final smooth finish, we put back in to the kiln and voila! Those colours...

We use W.G. Ball lead-free enamels. The enamels we use does not consist of plastics like their uv counterparts and since the real enamels are organic in nature, they last forever unchanging in colour and in texture, unless they shattered like glass in an unhappy occasion.* 

We endeavour to use ethical gemstones which are fully traceable and responsibly mined. However, in some loose gemstone types, it is hard to achieve that kind of knowledge whether they’re being sourced responsibly, or not. Thus, we take the liberty to use them on some bespoke jewellery in case and on some of our future collection pieces. We will always underline that distinction, obvious and clear.

In our packaging, we use recycled paper and cork plates instead of polyester sponges. 

So, we are trying to do as little harm as possible to our Nature, but we have indeed so long way to go.


Try to take extra care with your jewellery since there is only air between the two of you. Only 925 or 950 Silver and your skin. Hence the tarnish. It's one of the laws of the mother Nature. When copper meets oxygen in the air becomes blackish. This may not happen with rings when worn frequently and it also depends on your skin's acidity level, as well. We should try to not soak our jewellery in soap, alcohol and certainly not leave them wet. 

*If you need any enamel repair of our products, please contact us via or DM us via @matariki_atelier with a detailed photo and then we can talk about what we can do and what we cannot.