Cancellation, Returns and Refunds

As you would understand by now, we prompt having a conscious shopping habit. The only %100 true eco-friendly thing that we can do is to buy less and ergo to create less waste (waste of resources, labour on this Earth). Since all the visuals of our jewellery are authentic and made for a real kinda experience, there will be no other thing you will see when your jewellery is delivered to you. That is why we cannot accept return or refund. However, you can cancel your order within 24 hours. So, we kindly ask from you to take a good look to the visuals and to the explanatory notes below the jewellery in case. And then hopefully, you decide to have that marvellous object either for yourself and/or for your loved ones.  

We also believe in gray. And since there always will be exceptions, we will be happy to hear those. Please, do contact us if you are somehow unhappy for your purchase. Nothing can overcome a proper dialogue.