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G-II Ring

Symmetrical and bold.

Quite substantial.

And sometimes with more than one colour.

Its shape is absolutely addictive to touch.

  • Wearing jewellery is quite an old habit, whether it be for protection, the symbol of status or identity.

    MATARIKI, inspired by both natural and cultural heritage of our Earth celebrates this age old practice of adorning oneself with ornaments, the wearable objects.

    We love to see our jewellery as objects each telling singular stories about the shapes of Nature, of the bodies, the architecture of things, like an aqueduct, a stained-glass window or a culinary essential.

    MATARIKI Atelier embraces a simple, gender-neutral design, adorning the human body whilst caring for all.

  • Transparency matters to us. We are aware of the gravity of our actions. Therefore, we question every step we make and encourage you to question us. 

    We feel obliged to take part in the responsible production of jewellery. In order to minimize the effect we create by producing adornments, we prefer to use silver not gold (since gold is always the ultimate goal and silver is mined mostly as a by-product) and we don’t do any plating. We encourage our clients to prefer recycled gold, ethical gemstones in our bespoke jewellery pieces.

    In our packaging, we use recycled paper and cork plates instead of polyester sponges. And in the future, as silver is our always love at first sight, we hope to use fair mined ecological gold, as well.